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Group Resistance Training

BFIT Training is truly a workout for anyone that wants to take their bodies to the best level of fitness possible. Bfit workouts incorporate highly intense, effective and a rotation of workouts to keep the body guessing. We are always switching things up. This is the key to why BFIT Training transforms your physique. When you combine intensity, variety, the dynamic drills as well as mma/boxing drills, resistance, gorilla training and power moves, your core, muscles and muscle fibers get worked from all different angles, directions and with the highest level of intensity. With this type of training your body can’t help but loose body fat and gain muscle. Also, the added element of training with others is a group setting, makes the workouts more fun, increases the competitiveness in some, and allows the workouts to go by extremely quickly. It’s all about quality and intensity of workouts, not quantity.