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Nutrition Coaching

The BFIT nutrition approach is one that you will be able to follow for the rest of your life.  When you learn how to eat for your specific body type and metabolic needs, it is really very simple.  The problem is many women get too caught up in books, quick fixes and plans that are produced for the masses and not realistic for them. 

Everyone’s metabolisms are different. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different. Everyone’s hormones are different. 

When you learn how these 3 needs are affecting your metabolism you can then start fixing the weight issues, the hormone imbalances and the health problems that have been leaving you depressed, not feeling well and overweight. 

You will meet with your nutrition coach twice a month.  You will be accountable as well as coached on how to eat according to your specific body type, metabolism and taste.

Step 1: Schedule Your Consultation - Contact Teri @ 651.452.2339 or by email, or by submitting the online form to setup appointment.

Step 2: “Complete Pre-Consultation Forms -Download, print, and complete the following forms prior to your consultation.  Then fax to Teri at 612-235-3334.

- Client Profile

- Health History

- Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire 

- Female Body Composition Analysis

- Male Body Composition Analysis 


Step 3: Fitness and Nutrition Consultation -Meet with Teri to discuss your specific training goals and needs -Review potential training services which will meet your objectives -Commit to a training program and schedule out appointments.

Step 4: Your First Session: Body Comp Analysis and complete fitness and nutrition evaluation -Review questionnaire and ask a series of questions to establish your baseline fitness and nutritional needs. -Your first session shall include any or all of the following: Bodyweight · Body Fat Percent · Girth Measurements (torso, arms, legs) · Digital Photo 

Step 5: Implementation & Execution of Your Program -Teri develops and implements your program and clearly describes and explains what steps you will need to take, from a fitness and nutritional level, to get the results you desire.

• Program variables are constantly monitored and progressed during sessions - We will re-take measurements and take additional body compositions dependent on the duration of the program.