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Why BFit?

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Starts Jan. 1, 2017
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When someone comes in to my office for a consultation with me to learn about the BFIT Challenge, I get asked this question - How is the BFIT program different from all the other fitness programs out there? The answer is this; there is NO other program out there like this because I created it and it’s customized. I wanted a program that changed women’s lives for the better. I wanted a program that taught women how to live a lean and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives so they would quit yo-yo dieting and quit mistreating their bodies with drugs and bad nutritional habits.

I wanted a program that helped her to discover her inner beauty and her sexy inner diva (yes, you do have one in there somewhere, but so many women feel depressed, fatigued, unmotivated and unhealthy. No wonder they don’t feel sexy. They are struggling and physically in pain. I wanted a program that offered functional diagnostic nutrition and hormone balance coaching so that women could get off drugs and medications and learn what is causing their imbalances and health complaints. THIS IS WHAT THE BFIT CHALLENGE IS ALL ABOUT. It’s way more than just a body fat loss program. Although most on this program lose a lot of unhealthy body fat, the program offers so much more then just body fat loss alone.

The BFIT Challenge is a 5 month comprehensive health, wellness, fitness and training program. It encompasses all aspects of how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. The BFIT program was created to TRANSFORM A WOMENS BODY, HEALTH, and SELF-ESTEEM. There is nothing more powerful than knowledge and results. I teach you, you get immediate results which therefore lead to a better quality of life and self-esteem, which turns into staying motivated , which then leads to you wanting to continue learn and by doing you end up making this program a LIFESTYLE.

If you are looking for a program that is all encompassing, and a program where you learn how to do become healthy and lose body fat the “RIGHT WAY”.. then BFIT is for you of your body being in control of you.