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I've changed so much not only physically but mentally. I started BFit to feel good about myself, to be physically fit, to be able to do a push-up on my toes and I've accomplished these things! I honestly couldn't be more proud of myself. I'm an athlete - something I never thought I would say about myself but always wanted. I now believe in myself and that's something I'm never going to let go of.

Life changing. This gym is one of a kind. The friends I've made since starting this process are one of a kind. The trainers - there's no one like them. I'm SO grateful for and the one and only Teri Dale BFitchallenge. Ah-Mazing.  -Shannon

After yesterday's photo shoot, and a news article I read today caused me to reflect today on the past 12 months at BFit Challenge Studio & Cycle. I have told Teri many times that what she has created is something special, and I recognized another benefit today. As a mom, I have seen my kids absorb some of the lessons I have learned through the choices I make. We have had family conversations about healthy food options, drinking more water, and shared "gun shows" in the family room. While my kids don't always make the best choices, they are much more aware of what is the better option when snacking. So, while I have noticed this impact on them throughout the year, today I realized that my daughter is receiving an even bigger gift in the time that she has spent at BFIT. She is learning what healthy, supportive friendships look like! As she enters her tween/teen years, this is so important. The acceptance, love, warmth, and support she witnesses amongst the BFIT family is priceless! Thank you for this intangible gift. -Sara

If you want a gym with results, this is your places ladies. We welcome you for who you are not what size you are. We all have a different journey. I had to work on my self-esteem after a negative marriage and rebuild some friendships. Now I'm getting healthy and losing weight and inches along with gaining lean muscle. Check out BfitChallenge Eagan, you'll be amazed of what you can accomplish. If you need modifications this is your place. You won't be disappointed. -Stacey

I wasn't going to announce to the "world" that I am doing this program, but I have been coming to BFit Studios for 2 months now. I feel I need to share this in hope that I may just help one person get healthy and feel better about themselves. Those of you who have known me for a long time, know the struggles I've gone through with my weight challenge and how I've flunked out of every weight loss program I've joined. This is NOT just a weight loss program, it is a journey to not only lose weight, but to do it the right way, be healthy, be happy, and stick to it. There is NO quick fix and NO overnight results. This is hard work, learning, educating yourself, making new friends, having fun working out, no judging allowed. I've found a group of awesome ladies to help me with this journey/transformation. Please, if you or anyone you know wants to learn how to eat healthy and exercise and LOVE it for life, give Bfit a try. I am currently going there and I will be participating in the Jan. - May challenge. Thank you Teri Dale -Michelle

At 27, I can honestly say I am the happiest and healthiest I have EVER been. BFit has been a life changing experience. I will forever be grateful to Teri for changing my life for the better. I am prime example that no matter how unhappy, unhealthy, and unmotivated you are, with this program anything is possible. -Klarissa

I won't say BFit gave me my life back, as I've always lived life the way I've wanted to and have been happy. But it gave me back a quality of life that I've forgotten what it is like. The energy I have, the sense of purpose each and every day, the activities I can now participate in and not be the self-conscious about my weight and abilities. It’s all been incredible. I could not have done it without Teri and the BFit program. I forget that my body has completely changed and when I glance in mirror I get surprised by what I see back and still do not recognize the new me. -Jean

When I first joined BFIT in June of 2014, I had intended on only doing the “Five Month Challenge”. It is now June 2015, and I am still going strong at BFIT! I absolutely love BFIT, and it is by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Throughout my journey at BFIT I have been able to enjoy life, feel good, look good and maintain my now healthy body fat percentage! The road that I have been traveling at BFIT has been difficult at times, but the journey I am on is a healthy one and well worth it! -Tanya