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2011 & 2012

As a returner I felt good and confident before starting this Bfit.  I was excited and ready to take on another Bfit year! The highlight of BFit this year was being challenged; mind, body and soul-----it’s such a well rounded program.

One of the things that always suprises me is the amazing transformations of some of the people in BFIT – both physically and mentally.

The BFIT program is unique.  We are fortunate to have someone over this program who is passionate about it and truly cares about the clients.  There are also many perks, for example the  outside activities/events, including Sushi outings, Fashion Show, Grocery shopping tour, Game night and many more. 

I think the reason I excel in the BFIT program is because of my dedication to getting in the mandatory suggested training sessions.  One thing that I can truly say is ---when I was away from the gym (i.e. on business travel, vacations, etc) I truly missed it.

If I was to describe myself today, I would say that physically I feel great!  One of my favorite hobbies is the gym!  I feel lost without it!  But I love to travel on vacation as well and when I do I try an incorporate as much my BFit knowledge as I can to help keep me on track.

The encouragement given by the trainers and fellow BFitters throughout the program surpasses any other experiences I have had in other environments -- more like family.

I would definitely recommend the Bfit program --- the program in its entirety is awesome.  There are so many element to this program that are geared to making you a better person in general.