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1st Place - Jean Kringstad





DOWN:  28.2 %

INCHES LOST:  77    


What started as a free class changed my life forever. I learned of the BFit Studio through an open house. The gym was having free classes and, as I love free stuff, I thought I would try it out. I figured it was going to be one of those typical gym classes where the instructor stands in front and takes you through an easy, breezy workout. 

Wow, was I wrong. 

That was the hardest thing I had done in years. But, there were BFit veterans in there who handled everything the instructor handed out as I struggled and wanted to quit (and maybe vomit).  

After my workout, and thinking to myself that I am ridiculously out of shape, I set up a meeting with Teri. She was straight with me on my expectations, what I could accomplish and what it would take. I realized that if I was going to do this, I need to be fully committed. I’ve done all the fad diets, the Weightwatchers, the Slim for Life, etc.  I never stuck with them.  I knew if I was committing, I was going all in.

The next several months were the busiest, albeit most rewarding months I’ve experienced. The workouts never got easier, as the trainers push you every time. What did get easier was making the right food choices as it became a lifestyle and not a fad; and making the time to get to the gym.

I won't say BFit gave me my life back, as I've always lived life the way I've wanted to and have been happy. But it gave me back a quality of life that I've forgotten what it is like. The energy I have, the sense of purpose each and every day, the activities I can now participate in and not be the self-conscious about my weight and abilities. It’s all been incredible. I could not have done it without Teri and the BFit program. I forget that my body has completely changed and when I glance in mirror I get surprised by what I see back and still do not recognize the new me. 

It was never about the competition for me. I didn’t consider winning the competition until that last month of May and then really set my mind to it.  Wining it was awesome, but getting in shape, learning how to eat correctly and having this new body, that was the greatest reward of all. My life has changed for the better and I can never repay Teri and her team for that.