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1st Place - KLARISSA







People ask me, "How are you losing all this weight?! I tell them...BFit! I learned about Teri Dale and her studio through Facebook. I would see a couple of the girls post 'check-ins' and had to check it out for myself. In 2014 I called Teri and made an appointment to talk to her. I was all for training and changing my nutrition, but one thing was holding me back. Smoking. I wasn't ready to give it up. My life was hectic and stressful and that wasn't something I was ready to stop. Needless to say I didn't join that year. All year long ALL I thought about was the studio and how badly I wanted to join. The final straw was being two pounds away from two-hundred pounds. I was tired of being overweight, lazy, and angry all the time. December came and I knew in January another challenge would start. I was determined to join Bfit in 2015. Again, I called Teri and made an appointment to talk to her. This time I told her I was ready and I meant it! January 1st, 2015 I quit smoking. I made BFit one of my top three priorities; along with my son, and work.

When I started I could barely breathe! I struggled to keep up or even run across the studio once. No matter how hard it was or how bad I wanted to quit with Teri, her staff, and the girls' support I kept going. I waited this long to start BFit, I wasn't going to give up now. As the months went by and the weight started dropping I felt stronger and stronger. Classes were fun, but never easier. That was okay though, because the more you work out the more you learned to 'love' the pain and it didn't feel right if my muscles weren't sore for days after. It wasn't only exciting to see my transformation, but seeing the transformation of the other girls as well. BFit allows us a safe place to work-out together, cry to each other, support each other, and laugh together. Not only are we working to build healthy bodies, through it all we have built better self-esteems and formed life-long friendships. I could not have made it this far without these ladies.

At 27, I can honestly say I am the happiest and healthiest I have EVER been. BFit has been a life changing experience. I will forever be grateful to Teri for changing my life for the better. I am prime example that no matter how unhappy, unhealthy, and unmotivated you are with this program anything is possible. As of June 25th, 2015 I haven't smoked in one-hundred seventy-five days, lost sixty pounds, and after SIX LONG years have finally reached my goal weight! Thank You Teri for allowing me to reach my greatest potential. Thank You to all the trainers for your dedication and support. Thank You to my parents who took care of Walter while I took time for myself to work-out, and A HUGE Thank You to all the BEAUTIFUL women at the gym for all their support. You have all made my BFit journey one I will never forget!