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When I started BFit, I felt, simultaneously, both hopeful and that I had reached the end of my rope.  I had tried all kinds of diets, fitness programs, hired trainers, etc.  While I would have success for a time, and often lost some weight, I’d reach a point where I would struggle mentally and rebel against the program, get bitter that I felt I HAD to do it (though no one was making me but myself), and would often jump deeper into the mire than I had been before whatever program I was participating in at the time. 

The months… okay, years, before I started BFit I had let myself sink as low as I had been in quite awhile.  I had broken my hand during my last “this is it” program, and somehow decided that I was completely unable to exercise as a result.  Is it hard to squat with a cast on your hand?  Hard to walk?  Hard to ride a stationary bike? Not really, but it somehow made sense to me that I couldn’t exercise at the time.  Last summer I knew I had to do something, and at my annual girls’ weekend, one of my best friends from college was with us and had just finished the 2014 BFit Challenge.  She looked amazing, and you could tell she felt just as good.  Days after that remarkable girls’ weekend, where my friends talked me up, dressed me up, and reminded me how fun it can be to be a woman, I had my first meeting with Teri.  I cried a bit, laughed a bit, and made a commitment that I would get healthy and fit for myself, and I wouldn’t quit until I got there.  I’ve never second guessed that decision.

My biggest fear when I started BFit was failure.  I was terrified that wouldn’t be able to keep up in the classes, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to follow the eating program, I was terrified that I would disappoint myself and give up on my commitment to myself.  The workouts were tough at first, but I was able to keep up for the most part, and everyone was so encouraging.  I was actually surprised by how fast my body responded to the exercise program.  I was doing well at the cardio relatively quickly, and I’ve also been strong, so really enjoyed the weight-lifting.  I can’t say the food has always been smooth sailing, there are times when I forget about what I’m doing and step off the path, but I’m committed and I’ll reach my goals at BFit.  I won’t give up on myself, and I know Teri won’t either, and I have a bunch of women I can talk to when I need help or a push in the right direction.

I have so many highlights from the BFit program.  First and foremost are Teri and the women at BFit.  They support me, push me, encourage me, harass me when needed, check in on me, and I do those things for them, too.  It’s an amazing culture of caring support, fostered by Teri.  The other highlights for me have come with realizing my own progress.  I can see it on the scale, in my clothes and shape of my body, and in my increasing strength.  Perhaps most fun, though, has been witnessing my improvement at various exercises.  I get ridiculously excited when I try something I’ve struggled with in the past and can do it!  For instance, I have horribly arthritic knees and struggled with skipping, but after a couple months at BFit, I was in a class where we were skipping again and I could do it!  I actually ran around bragging about my skipping (may have even extended to subsequent days, I was so excited) – and everyone was thrilled for me.  I’ve had similar experiences with plate pushes (still an “ugh” for me, but I’m better) and burpees!!

At BFit, I’ve learned that my body can do amazing things if I ask it to, and I really enjoy pushing it.  I love the feeling of strength that comes with lifting weights on a regular basis, and I don’t ever want to give that up.  I’ve also learned how to eat in a sustainable way that I can apply for the rest of my life, whether or not I’m trying to lose weight or not.

I have experienced both physical and emotional changes at BFit.  Physically, my body has changed remarkably.  I have gotten so strong and even though I haven’t reached my goals yet, my attitude towards my body has changed considerably.  I am amazed and grateful for what it can do, and has done.  I keep pushing it, with the help of some amazing trainers, and it just keeps responding.  Emotionally, I’ve become more content with myself, and more settled in what feels like this life-long battle with food and weight.  I’ll reach my health and fitness goals, and have learned that I can’t put a schedule to that, I can only stay on the path and keep working.  It has actually been a freeing realization.

In addition to crediting Teri, the BFit women and trainers, my family has played an amazing part in my BFit journey.  I have three young children and my husband stays home with them while I work full time.  I could never have made the progress I’ve made without their love, support and sacrifice.  Teri schedules the workouts so that you can get multiple workouts done in an evening (i.e. cardio followed by weights or vice versa), which means to my family that I  can choose a couple nights each week to get my workouts in and be home the others.  I know that my family sometimes wishes I was around more, but they are so excited for me, and can see the changes in my body and mood.  My middle daughter has asked if she can go to BFit, too, so she can be “strong like mommy.”

I would recommend the BFit program to anyone who is looking for an energizing, supportive environment to help them find their best and most healthy self.  It is a life-changing experience to have this type of relationship with other women and amazing trainers who care about all aspects of your life, and who will push you beyond where you think you can go physically and emotionally, all the while providing you with support in a safe environment where you are encouraged, and not judged.