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As soon as I moved into double-digit clothing sizes, I knew something HAD to change.  I felt frumpy, fat, and always tired. I avoided wearing some of my favorite clothes out of fear I looked too plump or because they just didn’t fit me anymore. I was really feeling down about myself. I had always been very athletic, competing in sports in high school and rigorous physical training while serving on active duty in the Army, while eating basically whatever I wanted back then and still managing to maintain an athletic physic and healthy body composition.  Not so in my late thirties! Things changed.

When I first started BFit my greatest fear wasn’t the workouts; my fear was working out at an all women’s gym! I was (still am) such a tomboy and was so used to being in a male dominated world for many experiences in my life that the thought of working out with other women terrified me. I was worried they wouldn’t accept me for who I am or that I just wouldn’t fit in. Boy was I wrong. I couldn’t believe how incredibly welcoming this group of ladies was! I feel right at home.

The past few months have been amazing. I’ve made good friends, laughed, cried, sweated harder than I have in a long time, eaten more food than I ever could have imagined, and even dropped a couple of pants sizes in the process! Even though it’s difficult to see my own physical changes, other people see it in me and ask me what I’ve been doing.  

Call me crazy but I love “legs day!” Teri really pushes you to the max. Tough love! My other favorite classes are kickboxing, bag boxing, and BPM. The unique thing about BFit is you never have the same workout twice so you’re constantly working different muscle groups and never bore from routine.

What surprised me the most was just how bad I was eating when I thought I was actually eating well. Like many Americans, I was totally hooked on high starch, fatty, sugary and salty foods, and big portion sizes. I was used to eating three square meals a day without really much snacking.  As soon as Teri sat me down and talked to me about stabilizing blood sugar and blood hormone levels, my light bulb when on. I’m in the medical field—I should know this! Why am I not applying this to myself? From that moment I KNEW this was the change I needed.

I would absolutely recommend BFit to others. It’s an eye opening, life changing experience.  The fellowship of the other ladies, the one-on-one attention from the trainers, Teri’s expertise and knowledge in nutrition and fitness, the accountability, the classes and workshops, the FUN—it is SO worth it.  This is not just any old gym; it’s a family.