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2014 1st Place Winner

Look everyone, I kept the weight off! Of course I did, because I stayed with the program. It wasn't a 5 month challenge for me and then go back to my old ways. No, this is a lifestyle change and Bfit continues to be my lifestyle. I didn't stay with the gym because I had more weight to lose. I loved how I looked and was very happy when I ended the challenge last May. If that was the weight I stayed at for the rest of my life, I would have been completely satisfied. However, I'm type A and like to have goals. So, I've lost a little more weight and put on some more muscle.

I have a confession though. I tried to cut back at the gym over the summer and do some on my own.  Big mistake. Huge. My first class back with Teri and lifting arms, I had to hold them at 90 degree angles for a week because they hurt so bad (but in a good way). There is NO replacement for the Bfit Studio and Teri Dale. None. I tried. I regretted it.  I was sore.

It never gets easier. I'm in phenomenal shape (and humble), and I still wake most mornings sore. They push you beyond your limits. You cannot get that anywhere else. You're not going to get the types of classes offered at Bfit at your Lifetime and LA Fitness gyms. No, you're getting heart pounding, sweat producing, FUN classes. Ones that will have you doubled over trying to catch your breath, but with a smile on your face because it was so awesome.

This year, I was able to sit back and enjoy the challenge more; as opposed to being solely focused on losing fat. It was so rewarding watching others go through what I went through a year ago. It brought a new appreciation to the program. I watched women melt before my eyes and get healthier every day. I saw new confidence show up in people as they hit goals they never knew they could. I appreciated what each of the side projects were meant for. Each event brought out something different for everyone. I loved witnessing that this year.

There's one more benefit of Bfit that snuck up on me this year. You see, when you work out hard next to likeminded people, they may end up becoming lifelong friends. You'll realize you have more in common than just a hatred of burpees. These ladies have gotten me through tough workouts, made me laugh, and have made me a better person.  They've pushed me beyond my limits at the same time giving me the support I need if I'm having an off day. Their support and friendship mean the world to me.

So to recap:  What do you get you when you join the Bfit? You get a complete mind and body transformation, the best workouts available, a group of friends you never knew you needed, awesome arms, and you learn to be humble. Oh wait...