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Before I joined this gym, I had myself convinced I was healthy – I was overweight, yes; but I was strong and I was active. Haha! Jokes on me – I have seen the light and I am not going back! After following Teri’s nutrition plan – which has never felt like a diet, but rather accountable and clean eating – and working out BFit style I am on a new path and I am so thrilled with where I am at!

Last year, I did BFit pregnant – I completely surprised myself! I didn’t gain any weight while I was pregnant (because I was losing fat). This year, I was ready to come back post-baby and get stronger and healthier! I was scared….it’s not the normal “mom” thing to do – to focus on yourself. With a family to take care of, how was I going to take time for me? How in the world can a mom prioritize herself? I have learned that by prioritizing myself – my health, my time, my eating – I am a better mom, a better wife and a healthier, happier woman!

One of the best things is that I can take what I learn at BFit and bring it home so I can take care of my family better. My kids are eating eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. My husband is working out more and eating cleaner. We are a healthier family and I am so proud that I can lead by example!

Teri’s program is amazing for a lot of reasons – but I think the support and the friendships are at the top for me. It is hard to get to the gym at times – my family is counting on me to take care of them. But I never feel guilty when I am at the gym – I am surrounded by beautiful women who are rooting for me, who help me prioritize myself and get in an awesome workout. I have made such incredible friendships at this gym – it is truly a gym like no other.

I am grateful to Teri and all of her trainers and staff – they are an incredible group of people that are    always ready to push me further than I knew I could go and who cheer me on the whole way!