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In the summer of 2014, I was 46 years old, hadn’t worked out consistently for the past 5+ years, thought I was eating healthily but still could not get the extra weight off, was not sleeping well at night, and felt like my hormonal changes had me completely out of sync.  And if all of this wasn’t bad enough, my self-talk was absolutely vile.

Little did I know that a Living Social ad would change all of that!  The ad was for Drop-In classes at BFIT, just a couple of miles from my home.  I figured I would check it out.  Why not another change?  I was bored with just about every work-out regimen I had been engaged in for so many years.  When I went to meet with Teri, I entered the gym and immediately noticed the group of women chatting in the lounge and entryway – what’s with the couches?  I don’t socialize at the gym, but how do I get in and out of this place to avoid that?  My meeting with Teri was so refreshing.  This BFIT place wasn’t just a gym, there was also nutrition coaching, which I could give or take because I really believed I ate well at the time.  Teri was to the point and very succinct.  She emphasized this important question: “How committed are you to change?”  Just the challenge in that question made me throw all of my chips into this game and see if I lived up to my own answer.  I both loved and feared the fact that someone was going to hold me accountable for the promises I always seemed to break to myself.  It was then that I realized I was ready to reform my habits in exchange for permanent lifestyle changes.

The first two months of BFIT were the most challenging for me because of two significant revelations: a) what I thought was textbook healthy eating did not coincide with what my body needed to balance, and b) the work-outs at BFIT pushed me harder than anything I had ever done at any other gym I belonged to.  Once I got past my internal rebellion with the new nutrition regimen and forced myself to be pushed hard by Teri and all of her incredible group of trainers during each work-out, I started to notice that I was getting stronger and my body started to change.  Before I knew it, I was developing sincere and powerful friendships with this amazing group of women with whom I worked out, shared personal battles and victories, and swapped tips.  The best part: my self-talk became positive and loving, as did my attitude and perspective of others around me.  My mind is the best transformation of all and this is where the permanent lifestyle change becomes a guarantee.

I have no doubt that BFIT is a place of true transformation.  Teri, the trainers, and the BFIT community nurture the female spirit and bring authentic empowerment to the places that matter most.  I am in the best shape of my life, sleeping soundly at night, energized, and the healthiest I could ever imagine at the age of 47.  My personal changes have not stopped at the gym and have brought a greater sense of fulfillment to my family life, professional path, and spiritual journey.  Sure enough, this BFIT place really isn’t just a gym.