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As long as I can remember I have been insecure about my body. I am always trying a new diet, a new program, a new workout and I’d lose some weight and in a few months gain it all back. You name it, I have tried it all- from pills, bars, DVD’s, shakes, slimgenics, weight watchers, La Weight Loss – the list goes on. My entire adult life I have been consumed by my weight and a certain number on the scale. Two summers ago I did a detox program that got me down to the thinnest I’d ever been. I was so happy and felt good in all my clothes, I even had to buy a smaller wardrobe. At that same time, I was also introduced to the old BFit gym and at that point I had started some of the drop-in classes. I knew then, that this was a special group of people and was just devastated when it closed because I was “hooked”. When I heard they re-opened, I knew that I had to get back to that gym and hoped one day to be able to join the BFit program.

The weight loss was short lived, as soon as I went off the detox the weight came back and then some. Up until that point I had worked out 3-5 times a week religiously but with all the extra weight I felt hopeless and discouraged. I worked out less and less and had no drive, energy or desire to do anything. I cried often about the weight I gained and hated getting dressed because nothing fit anymore, not my “skinny” wardrobe or my regular wardrobe either. I had gained so much weight I needed to go up in a pant size. It affected my friendships, my relationships with family and my relationship with my husband. I never wanted to go out or see old friends or family because I felt so ugly and fat. It was rock bottom for me.

I started seeing a counselor at the Emily Program to help me with my  “love / hate relationship” with food and body image. I did about 10 months of therapy and worked on the inside of me, as time went on I got stronger mentally and slowly I felt better. Last September, I came back to BFit because I knew I was ready to commit and it was time to work on the outside of me. It was very hard to get back into working out after my hiatus but slowly after the weeks passed it got better. Now I am hooked again, I love to work out and when I don’t- I feel the difference. This gym offers the mental, physical and emotional support every woman needs. I feel so blessed to be part of this program and absolutely love all the women here. They are so encouraging, supportive, welcoming and loving – it’s like no other program out there. The holistic approach is what I needed, before I’d lose weight but not work out as much or I’d work out a lot and not lose any weight. Now I am working out and eating clean and I fit in my “skinny” clothes again, after 2 years without being able to wear them! The workouts are intense and even though there are days I think I can’t get through it, I do- seeing the fellow BFit ladies there by my side encouraging each other and pushing each other through the toughest workout’s I have ever done, gives you the mental and physical strength you need. I love the intensity, the variation, the uniqueness in the workouts, they are always fun and challenging.

 Although my self -acceptance and body image is still a daily challenge for me and I have good food days and “ok” food. I am learning how to love myself and be happy with my body. I still go to therapy to continue to keep myself mentally strong but I am not worrying about the number on the scale anymore, nor have I weighed myself since last September when I used to weigh myself every day.  The bod pod is what I go by now and seeing muscle definition come back along with compliments from friends and family is all the affirmation I need. I enjoy getting dressed now and wearing my skinny pants again but more importantly I feel more confident, stronger and healthier and that is what makes someone beautiful not a number on a scale.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life, mentally, physically, emotional and spiritually and it is with the help of the c program and the amazing staff including Terri, Theresa, Sue, Dawn, and Judy that I have learned to love myself and be content with being me. I feel stronger, empowered and I have that drive back that I lost along the way. v is now a 2nd family for me and it was the best decision I could have ever made, I recommend it to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better!