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"You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet."  "Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise."  "Not all calories are equal." Although I had heard those sayings for years, I did not want to believe them.  Why, because believing them would mean I would have to stop eating processed foods and sugar.  I would actually have to consider the foods I eat; change my eating habits.  I lived in denial for years, but in July 2013, I had to admit that the processed foods and sugar were prohibiting my body from losing weight...and no matter how much cardio I did, the weight and fat were not going anywhere.  I knew it was time to change; it was time for BFit.

Like all others who joined BFit, I was given the lists of BFit-approved foods.  I took the lists literally - oatmeal meant oatmeal;  vegetables meant vegetables.  During a BFit cooking class, I learned that "oatmeal could mean oat flour," "cabbage and squash could be noodles," and "cauliflower could mean cauliflower rice."  It was at that point that I realized that I could be successful in my journey.  There are so many ways to prepare the BFit-approved foods -- I was excited to begin experimenting!

In my first year of BFit, I found many websites that catered to a clean eating, whole foods lifestyle.  Most of the recipes I tweaked in order to make them BFit-approved -- many of my creations were sucessful; some not so much.  I would bring in samples to share with others...which then would lead to "Can you send me the receipe?"  

In December 2014, Teri asked if I would consider being the BFit Foodie.  My immediate response..."No!"  I don't have a degree in nutrition; I don't own any special cooking gadgets.  I just make foods I like and that have helped me stay true to the program.  Due to an injury, I was unable to exercise like I had in years past, so the nutrition component of the BFit program had become crucial for me to sustain my weight loss. Eventually, the Foodie idea grew on me and I decided to do it.  I was excited to share my recipes.  Most would keep me on track and accountable - which is what I needed!

No more are "grilled chicken and vegetables" the cornerstones of a weight loss program.  No more counting points or calories.  It is amazing that once I began eating foods my body could use, I deflated; I shrank!  While I am not as tight as I was last year, I have not expanded either.  I owe this to my nutrition program - clean eating!

"BFit Challenge" is Teri Dale's brand.  It is her business; her livelihood.  Being asked to be part of her team was honor and responsibility I didn't take lightly.  As the Foodie, I wanted to highlight the ease of a clean eating lifestyle, as well as, offer suggestions that helped me be successful with the nutrition component of the program.  While my freshman year as the BFit Foodie is over, the best part of the last five months was meeting and exchanging recipes ideas with other BFitters.  It is has been exciting to witness these women not only accomplish their fitness goals, but also embrace the clean eating lifestyle. 

It was a great FOOD year...and I was blessed to part of Teri's team, as well as, share my Foodie knowledge with women who wanted change!