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INCHES LOST:  26.5       


When I first met with Teri, I thought I knew what I was looking for from the program.  I knew enough about myself to know that I could experience success from making changes to my nutrition and that I liked to work out with other women.  What I didn't know was what a difference the BFIT Challenge would make for me.  I never in my wildest dreams expected to be welcomed with open arms into such a wonderful, supportive, caring, and fun community of women.

From the very start, I commiserated with others and struggled through some tough classes (aka BFIT HIIT).  I completely revamped my diet and never felt hungry or deprived.  After four weeks, I was asked how I felt and if I had experienced any differences.  My response, "I didn't know I felt so bad, until I didn't feel bad anymore."  I no longer feel bloated and heavy, and I have great energy.  If you had asked me before I started on this journey, I would have told you that I felt good and had plenty of energy.  

One of the most fun things for me has been experimenting with new recipes.  I have tried many recipes from the BFIT cookbook, but found myself online searching for recipes that used certain favorite foods.  Some of my favorite new recipes will likely be in the next version of the BFIT cookbook.  Participating in food exchanges with other women also opened my mind to trying things I would have never made myself.  If someone had told me that I would be regularly eating unstuffed cabbage rolls, I would have told them they were crazy.  Yet, it is one of my tried and true recipes because it is easy, tasty, and freezes well--all good things when planning meals!  The cooking classes have also been a great way to learn new recipes and bond with other women doing something that I enjoy.  While it might not be unexpected that I enjoy lifting a fork even more than lifting a weight, the wealth of yummy recipe options was a welcome surprise.   

During the five month program, I learned to expect the unexpected.  Just when I thought I had the kickboxing routine figured out, we got a new one to learn.  Just when I thought I didn't like BFIT HIIT, we started sprinting and I was hooked.  Just when I thought the Barre class looked easy, I tried it and learned different.  Just when I thought I would maybe make a couple of new friends, I made a whole host of inspiring, joyful, caring, rambunctious friends that never cease to make me feel welcome, accountable, beautiful, and blessed.