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When I heard about this gym, BFIT I had heard people talk about it and I saw pictures on their website and it looked pretty cool. However, I had no idea how instrumental it would be in my life.  There were other gyms that I had belonged to and those “gyms” were not about helping the client achieve their goal it seemed to me that they were out to get your money. Who at your local gym calls you to encourage you when they missed you at the gym? I’ve never experienced that. Yeah, I’ve received a call from the gym if my payment was missed, that’s about it.

BFIT is more than a gym, it’s about friendships, female, lifelong friendships, which for me I need. I’ve been a tom-boy most of my life where I only had male friends. Sure, I had female friends, a couple close friends but that was about it. I was the girl that played varsity sports nonstop, could care less if I had messy hair, watched ESPN nonstop.  Joining BFIT was a stretch for me, could I fit in with all these females that were so into working out nonstop.  So, after a few years of investigating what this program was all about, I finally took the plunge and called to make a one on one apt with Teri.  There were other times where I called, made the apt but never followed through with the apt with Teri.  Finally, December 2013 came about and I knew I needed to make changes for my life. After a failed marriage, I started to gain weight. I started to believe the words that the ex-husband had said about me, I became depressed I didn’t want to do anything. I would eat to make me happy, that didn’t help so instead I gained weight, I would cry for no reason but there was a reason, I wasn’t happy with my choices that I was dealing with.  Finally, I followed through with my apt with Teri and I knew this was going to be a change, a good healthy change for ME!

 The 2014 Challenge was a hard one for me. I had been with an ankle injury where I was to have reconstructive surgery. I had been in the CAM walker for over 15 months and it was taking a toll on my body. I started to do upper body strength and a lot of abdominal workouts just to prepare me for the upcoming surgery since I knew being on crutches for the next several months was going to be a challenge since I was no stranger to orthopedic surgeries. Teri and the trainers were very accommodating to my injury; they made sure to revamp the workouts so I could get a good workout. As the recovery progressed, I started to get stronger; this challenge was to work on my self-esteem and to heal a lot of emotional issues.

My second BFIT Challenge 2015 I focused on relationships, interacting with women that had a main goal and that is to be healthy but to have. I may have not been able to get to the gym as much as I wanted to do to another injury but I felt connected with these ladies. Where at a regular gym do you get to go to movies, or have a slumber party, eat sushi and just be yourself and know that you are cared and loved for? That’s a pretty awesome feeling.  I just want to thank Teri and Mark Dale for their vision of this gym. Always believing in us when we’ve been broken and need that extra hand to help get up.  Hoping and praying that 2016 will be a remarkable year of good changes, don’ they say work on one thing at a time?!?

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14