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DOWN TOTAL %:  8.5

INCHES LOST:   24.5    


I happened to see a friend from high school on Facebook, and seen that she had lost an amazing amount of weight.  I reached out to her via Facebook, to see what it was that she had been doing to accomplish such good results.  This is how I was introduced to Teri Dale and BFIT. 

My journey began by first meeting with Teri.  I had informed Teri of many things - Things from past yo-yo dieting, previous trainers that I have had, my healthy food choices at that given time, and the workouts that I was doing.  (In my mind, I thought that I was eating healthy and working out accordingly.)  Teri then told me about the BFIT program, the gym itself, the women who participate at BFIT, the nutrition and the workouts.  Teri made it very clear that this was more than just a gym.  She also asked about my commitment level on a scale of 1-10.  Teri blatantly said that BFIT is not a diet, but a lifestyle – A lifestyle where one should be committed to the program a 10, on scale of 1-10!  BFIT is a lifestyle, of being healthy, feeling good, and of course looking good!

When I started BFIT I had my measurements and my Bod Pod done.  My body fat was at a very unhealthy level of 37% body fat.  After following the BFIT program, with my nutrition and my workouts, I had achieved the following results - Within three months, I had gone done to 27% body fat, lost 33.25 inches, while gaining 7.25lbs of lean muscle - Talk about seeing results and becoming motivated!

One of the best things about achieving these results within just three months was the fact that it happened with such an amazing group of women!  The support from all the BFIT ladies is so motivating, and it overall is a great dynamic with awesome synergy.  The classes and the schedules worked well with my lifestyle, family life and career.

It was also good to know that many members of BFIT are all there for the same reasons.  We are all strong women who want to be healthy, become stronger, shed some weight, gain lean muscle, look good, feel good, eat right, workout correctly and perhaps even put on weight and just feel sexy in our own skin.

When I first joined BFIT in June of 2014, I had intended on only doing the “Five Month Challenge”.  It is now June 2015, and I am still going strong at BFIT!  I absolutely love BFIT, and it is by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!  Throughout my journey at BFIT I have been able to enjoy life, feel good, look good and maintain my now healthy body fat percentage!  The road that I have been traveling at BFIT has been difficult at times, but the journey I am on is a healthy one and well worth it!