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4th Place - GINA




DOWN TOTAL %:  19.5



Content, but not satisfied.  This is how I typically have described myself over my adult years.  I was typically happy, enjoyed my life and what I looked like, no matter what my size (I have been a myriad of them).  I loved life, but was always looking for another challenge, exciting event, new friends, whatever it could be to enhance my contentment. However, in the summer of 2014 I knew that had changed.  In addition, my 40th birthday was fast approaching.  There were events that I started not attending because I was embarrassed about my size.  I came up with great excuses for why I wasn’t unable to attend, and thus began the process of missing things socially that I would typically never miss, all due to my size.  People in my close circle didn’t notice a change.  I still had my same sense of humor, a somewhat sanguine and flirtatious side to my personality, and passion and drive at work, but inside I knew I was approaching life differently.  I knew that if I didn’t change, what I was seeing and feeling was going to start being evident to those around me.  I needed my mind, soul and body renewed.  I heard about Teri and her program from a colleague, Sarah Johnson.  I wasn’t even looking for a new program at the time, but I now know, that what I wasn’t even looking for, was exactly what I needed, and has changed my life forever.

My biggest fear in life is my fear of failure.  I have known this from when I was a small child in how I viewed my grades and choices.  I’ve seen it over and over again in my adult life in aspects of my education, career, and relationships.  It can be both paralyzing, yet also be a driving force of momentum for not seeking change or also in making poor decisions or decisions you may not have made otherwise.  When I started BFit, I feared failure.  I feared not being able to do the work outs.  I feared getting the fat off my body, but not being able to keep it off.  I feared while following the nutrition plan, I’d lose enjoyment in life, as I apparently thought everything good had to be celebrated with food or a cocktail, and that most negative emotions could be at least temporarily forgotten about with food.  I was fearing failure before I even started.  However, through BFit, I learned new things about failure.  Just because I couldn’t do something in the beginning, didn’t mean I could never do.  I can now do burpees, plate pushes, and interval training, all things that when I tried them early on, brought me to tears (literally) because I couldn’t do them.  I also learned how to bring my muscles to failure when heavy lifting.  This is the first time I had ever seen failure in a positive light.  Though a small piece of my puzzle, when I started seeing muscle failure as a positive thing, my mind, and my body started changing. 

None of these changes I was capable of doing on my own.  Never in my life have I known women at a gym to support each other so dramatically and lovingly.  Not only are the trainers supportive, and want us to succeed, but the members are as well.  Everyone genuinely wants everyone to succeed and it truly is beautiful to see.  I’ve watched friendships develop between people, and I have developed some long lasting friendships as well.  The BFit exercise and nutrition changed my mind and body.  The relationships I’ve developed there have encouraged and refreshed my soul.   

There is a season for everything in life.  This was my season for change.  My season to conquer some fears.  What I have learned from Teri and her team I will use every day for the rest of my life.  I have so much love and adoration for so many of these women and trainers.  Thank you Teri, Theresa, Chad, Sue, Dawn, the other Gina P., Judy, Sarah Johnson, and all of my new good friends. I also have to thank my beyond loving and supportive husband, Todd. He truly deserves a Rock Star award of his own. I have many more goals to reach and still have things in my life I need to work on and change; however, at least I am now again content, but just not satisfied.