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Judy Goodman (Staff)

Judy Goodman
BFIT Promotions Manager

BFIT is a program like no other.    Like so many other women, I was drawn to the program for many reasons.  I loved to see the results that the women had.  The fun workouts, nutrition coaching, accountability, cooking classes, seminars and camaraderie amongst the ladies.  It drew me in.

After meeting with Teri in November of 2013 I knew that joining BFit was the best thing for me as I was at a point in my life where I needed to make a drastic change for the better. BFIT has been that change for me not only physically but emotionally.

A year ago I started helping with ads for this magazine and working with them on promoting and hosting for our Ladies Night. This year, I was offered the Promotions Manager position.  My role is to promote BFit and help bring in new members, promote private parties and welcome members.  I great guests and give tours to all the new members.   The rewarding thing is when I go out to promote BFIT and share my story, and then learn that the women join BFit after hearing it.  I am so happy to be a part of the newbies BFIT journey.  It’s so fun to watch them change, grow and transform. BFit is my home away from home and I love it as I get  to come in every day and see all these beautiful women and be there for them anytime, whether they need a listening ear, a hug, a laugh or need to get pushed during their workout, I love helping out. Nothing is more rewarding then being a part of the BFit Staff.   I enjoy being a support to all the women here. 

BFIT will change your life.  Join us today if you need a change and want a program that works. And Teri Dale is the BOMB