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Teri Dale (Owner)


Hormone Practioner, Nutrition Coach, CPT, FDN, Instructor, Presenter, Owner of BFIT Challenge Studio, Publisher, BFIT Magazine, Numerous Instructor Certifications, BA Communications, Nearly 20 years in the Fitness Industry.


What a year this has been.  The growth and results of this year’s BFit program is blowing me away.  There is never a day that goes by that I question why I am doing what I do.  To be able to help so many women and change their lives, is truly a blessing to me.  I know that God has guided me and he uses the BFIT program to impact lives.  For this, I am truly grateful.  I just want to serve others.   It is so important to me to be an example of integrity, grace, love and health.  To be able to share my Faith and help women see their value, is what I strive for every single day at BFIT.

If I had to sum up the year with two words; it would be surprises and growth.   By Surprises I mean:  I tore my ACL last November, which caused a huge shift in how I had to do things.  It didn’t stop me or derail me, but changed how I had to run my business.  I was also able to add a staff member to my team.  This has allowed me to work on the business more, and learn some new ways to reach others and make myself better at getting the BFIT message out to women.  As far as Growth:   I have had the most NEW BFitters this year than ever before.   I also am adding an entire new division to BFIT called BFIT Cycle.  This is a game-changing and new style of Spin Class.   

With all of these new developments and members, I have so much gratitude to all of my BFIT members. Without them, I would not be able to “live my dream”. I love what I do so much and I am so thankful for every one of my staff and the members.  I also have to thank my Heavenly Father who has His hand in this entire program since day 1.  With His guidance and direction, I see amazing things happening for all of us.  Phil: 4:13 (my tattoo and favorite verse)

To set up an interview for the BFIT Program contact:

651 452 2339