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5th Place - KRYSTAL




DOWN TOTAL %:  9.3



Before I started BFIT I was unhappy with the lifestyle I was living. I was sad, depressed, and unmotivated. I was eating a lot of fast food and only working out once or twice a week. I knew what I was doing was wrong and I was putting on weight because of it. The turning point for me was when I went in for my yearly physical and I stepped on the scale. The nurse had set the weight at 150lbs, and then realized she needed to move the weight up to 160lbs. As she did this she made the comment, “oh I didn’t think you weighed that much. You wear your weight well.” “You wear your weight well” struck a cord and at that point I knew I needed to make a change.

The biggest highlight of the BFIT program was in February, when I went in for my bod pod. I only lost 1.5 inches total and the scale read the same as the previous month. During this time I'm thinking, “I guess my body didn’t do anything this month”. Then I went into the bod pod and it calculated my body fat and lean mass. When I got out we went over the results and what a surprise it was! I hadn’t lost any weight because the numbers had flip flopped. I lost just as much fat as I put on in muscle. My body had changed a lot even though it didn’t seem like it had. It also was the first month I made it into the Top 5, which was a great confidence boost.

The biggest thing I learned in the BFIT program was nutrition. I never paid attention to what I was putting into my body before BFIT. If I was hungry I would find something to eat that would satisfy the hunger. I didn't look or even care what was in the food I ate. Teri taught me that I need lots of protein to build and repair my muscles from the workouts. When I upped my protein I had less muscle soreness. I also learned that complex carbs give you energy. When I was low on complex carbs I felt tired and weak. After doing this program for a few months your mindset about food changes. Every meal you think about how to put a protein and a carb together and try to keep the miscellaneous carbs low. I find myself finding new recipes all the time and thinking of how I can tweak it so it is BFIT approved.  Every week I make about 3-5 pounds of shredded chicken. Shredded chicken is great to have on hand at all times. I like that I can grab it quick and throw it over lettuce for a salad. I use it a lot in the tomato basil chicken stew that I usually have during the week. It's also great to have it with bbq sauce.

I’d have to say my biggest supporters were the BFIT staff and BFITTERS. They were there to cheer me on to lift more, to lift heavier, & to run harder. They were there when I was feeling down and discouraged. They noticed the changes in my body when I did not see them myself. We shared many laughs and fun times and tough times. I can’t thank them enough for being supportive and positive throughout my journey.

My favorite BFIT event was the sleepover. What other gym can you say you’ve had a sleepover at? We hung out and played cards, sat in the hot tub, watched a movie, and ate yummy food. We stayed up late and slept on the gym floor. Chad's class started at 8:30am the next day, it was kind of hard to miss since I was already at the gym.

My biggest struggle during BFIT was outside influences. People see me as a skinny girl and questioned why I eat and workout like I do. They want to know how much weight I want to lose and how many calories I'm eating in a day. It's hard answering those questions, because it's not about weight or calories. I just want to feel and look good. I want to fit into my skinny jeans, be comfortable with my body, and have more energy

I would recommend the BFIT Program to anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change. This program is not a quick fix, lose a bunch of weight in a couple months and put it back on later. What Teri teaches you about nutrition and listening to what your body tells you sets you up to be healthy for life. It's not a crash diet, you eat all the food groups (some less than others) and you eat all the time which boosts you metabolism. The workouts are hard, but you get amazing results. The support you get at the BFIT gym is unlike any other gym you will go to. Everyone there wants you to succeed. I'm sure there is some jealousy about someone’s rockin' biceps or flat stomach, but it never comes off in a negative way. For me when I see how great everyone looks around me, it makes me want to work harder to look as good as they do. If you are willing to put in the work and listen to what Teri and the other trainers tell you to do, you will see results and feel good.