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“The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are.  The second greatest is being happy with what you find” I saw this quote and felt it really described me and my time in BFIT this year.  I’ve struggled to love myself as is because I wanted to be a certain weight or percent, but I learned it’s not all about that.  I needed to find a way to love myself and accept all the accomplishments I’ve made so far to date.  I’m a much happier, stronger, healthier version then I’ve ever been.

This year I decided I wouldn’t focus on a number to get to.  I wanted to go with how I felt.  So each bod pod and measurement I stayed blind to it.  I never looked at them and I asked that no one tell me.  Teri was fully aware of my numbers so she could make the adjustments needed.  I think it was harder for everyone else to not know my numbers then it was for me.  As I finish the challenge, I don’t know the results but what I do know is I’m happy with what I’ve done the last 5 months.  I stayed true to my plan, made my workouts and worked on my mental happiness.

We have so much fun doing what we do in BFIT.  We are always laughing and smiling even through the worst workouts.  I always giggle when a new person is in and they don’t actually believe us when we say Teri will sit on you during a squat.  Once she does, they then start to believe!  This program is not like your normal gym, it’s not about just use the machine or just running; it’s all customized.  We’ll use the machine plus have the trainer sitting on it.  Now 4 years in I think that is the only way I can use the machine!

This year I had the opportunity to go to cooking classes.  I’ve never been a cook or a baker and this year I’ve learned new recipes that I love and make weekly.  The food exchanges were helpful to try new things without having to make a full batch of something you aren’t sure about. Miriam was such a great help as the BFIT foodie, she was very encouraging and had everything well planned out for us.

I had some emotional times during this year and my BFIT family was there for me through anything. I don’t consider them a second family, they are my family just like the one I have at home.  When Bella (my dog) got hurt they were there to send support and ask if I needed anything. 

We had so many laughs during BFIT.  I truly loved our BFIT sleepover.  I’ve never laughed so much in one card game then when the ladies play cards against humanity!  You never know what you are going to read, but by far I loved it when Raina and Eldri sang the cards they got.  After the card game, we got to have hot tub time and then we get our blankets and air mattresses together to turn in for the night.  I look forward to the sleepover every year. 

If you need to lose weight, gain muscle, get mentally healthy, or just have a great time and make great friends you need to join BFIT.  It will teach you all that and more.  You’ll never find any place like it around the state!  There are great staff, a great atmosphere and an amazing owner and friend in Teri Dale.