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DOWN TOTAL %:  5.3



Day one of BFit started off as any other day, or so I thought.  I had worked out before, for years, pushed myself and thought that I challenged myself on my own.  The BFit program taught me from day one, that my idea of my limits and what I really could achieve were two different things.  Teri and the rest of the BFit trainer team are instrumental in the program, and the success shows that anyone dedicated and ready to change can be successful.

I came to Teri initially because my emotions were all over the board!  I worked out six days a week and sometimes two times a day and I was gaining weight.  Teri told me that I need to put my trust into her and she would lead me to be successful.  I have a hard time not working out and she took me from six days a week down to five and sometimes four depending on how my cardio versus weight training lined up.  I was full of anxiety and did not know what to do with myself when I was not at the gym.  I also had been working with a very slow metabolism and quite a bit of metabolic damage because of the way that I had been working out and feeding my body.  So we had quite the challenge ahead of us!   Teri and the girls were there for me on my good and bad days, when I just couldn’t hold it together because I wasn’t seeing results like everyone else, they were right there to keep my head up and not down a destructive path.  Teri kept telling me that I wasn’t like the other girls and we had to work smarter for my body to respond.  Patience, is not one of my strong traits and I would often find myself discouraged along the road.  When I would get down on myself, one after another of these amazing women were there to pick me up, encourage me through, and support me until I was able to work through that current stage of my journey.  I still have a road to go with my health journey but knowing how to better fuel my body and continue healing my metabolic issues will be brought forward, and I will be able to take that with me wherever my path may lead.

My favorite workout at BFit would have to be the squad workouts.  Although, all classes are excellent and really help you push to the best that you can be, the comradery that you will find during the squad workouts are amazing!  All of the women are here for the same reason and knowing that each of us struggles and succeeds together builds that bond even stronger.  The squad workouts are always different and play off of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses so that everyone at the end will know that they tried their hardest and improved on one of their weaknesses, while helping someone else with one of their strengths.  True teamwork is found as soon as you walk through the BFit Challenge Studio doors, come and find out for yourself what that feels like, it is life changing!