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It is hard to believe I am in my fourth year of BFit!  It has been an amazing experience full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, and a lot of loving girls all working together to support each other in their own personal journeys. BFit for me isn’t about losing weight and being skinny.  It is a journey to regain my health and feel well enough to be the mother and wife I want to be.  This isn’t to say that when I originally started BFit my goal wasn’t to lose weight as it was, but I learned early on just how sick and out of shape I was.  Over the past four years I have worked hard to heal my body, recover from multiple surgeries and become a healthier happier person.

The support from the girls is important to my success. Aside from the girls my biggest support and the reason I can do BFit is my husband. He has done everything he can to make it to where I can be a bit selfish and take care of myself.  He has cooked, taken care of driving our girls to and from dance, helping the kids with homework.  I honestly would not be able to have done any of this without his love and support.

There honestly isn’t another program like BFit.  It is a one stop shop for everything you need to work on you, your body, and your health.  I don’t think it can be accurately explained by anyone, but rather it has to be experienced.  Woman come through the door on the first day broken, self-conscious, and unhappy and they leave strong, happy, sexy, amazing woman ready to take on anything.